Realistic hair problem

hay everyone
I have been working on a personal project for a month and it’s going really so well
I am making a realistic portraits of “eleven” (millie bobby brown) from “stranger things” with ever makeup and hairstyle that appeared throughout the series and I can’t call the result “hyper-realistic” but I like the output anyway

without further adieu, I have a problem with the straight shape of the children roots as you can see and I don’t know really what I can change with the hair particles parameters to make it more realistic

actually it was way worse than now but i tried ever possible trick i know to fix it
it was that much bad xD

of course if you see any other problem or a critique it will be more than welcome to share it :smiley:

Hello! I’m afraid there’s nothing you can tweak on the particles to make the roots thinner, we don’t have that control yet, but you could try to mix it with a transparent shader and the hair info’s intercept connected to a color ramp as a factor of the mix. That wouldn’t make thinner but less visible. Use the alpha from the color ramp, the color output seems to be broken for this purpose.
Hope this helps.

thank you for the advice
i have tried it but the hair root became very tranceparent even when i adjust the color ramp…idk if i am making something wrong but here it is

Odd, I haven’t had any trouble using the color output for this. Here’s the shader I’m using:

The transparent section doesn’t need to be very long, and you only need to mix in a little bit of transparency. Too much and the hair will look like it’s floating above the surface.

Hope this helps!