Realistic Internet Simulator

(Eric) #1

Aka “kill the popups”.

I got 142, the I got tired and clicked wrong.

(Ecks) #2

lol…I got 41 and I click “Free Stuff” lol

nice very realistic simulator! :-?

(Dittohead) #3


27 ‘killed pop-ups’. i like the new corprate portal one. lol

(VelikM) #4

102, then an evil laugh and the blue screen of death :frowning:

(mrmunkily) #5

It’s not an evil laugh, it’s a scream of apprehension and pain.

(VelikM) #6

189 that time.

(ray_theway) #7

HAHAHA, I laugh at you rookies.
259 before I got BSODed. :stuck_out_tongue:
BTW, that’s quite an invigorating soundtrack, isn’t it? Ah, the sound of dying pop-ups. It makes me very happy. :smiley:

(jonnierod) #8

…this is the coolest thing I have ever seen…

well, maybe not, but that was hilareous!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(joecool) #9

I love this! Kill the popups! HAHAHHAHAHAHA

(wewa_juicyb) #10


That was SOOOOO good. It’s so much better than the other shoot’em ups :smiley: Now you must all bow before your master. 296 before I met my maker. And I already made my first mistake at 150. Damn now my muscles are all tense, I feel like i’ve run a marathon, and lost… It’s gonna be tough blendering now… Great link though.


(rwv01) #11

You mean I wasn’t actually serfing the net?!

(shibbydude) #12

My new popup blocker blocked them all! Now I am going to advertise it on a popup on my site…

(CubeFan973) #13

SILLY! I especially liked the “Used Panties,” not because I’m a pervert, but because every bit of spam I get is so useless… just like used panties!