Realistic Landscape Scene made in Blender 2.9

I made this landscape scene as a part of my Daily render.Hope to receive some good feedback.


Let’s start. I love the mountains and the grass.

The water and the trees deserve a bit more of care in their materials and the trees could have a bit more variation in size.

For the mountains you could have used some haze in the air, so the distant mountains could be a bit covered in haze, giving a bit more depth to the scene.

Try to play a bit with depth of field, since all your scene is in perfect focus, the attention gets dispersed in areas with less interest. Give attention to your landscape, giving a bit of blur to the first plane with the DOF. This also helps with the depth of the scene.

Good work!

ok , thanks for the feedback , I will work on it

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It is nice, very picturesque. I like the grass and the mountains. They are quite realistic looking.

I actually didn’t realize it was water at first. I think the distortion map is too dense and it looks too opaque. It’s a good idea to have one mountain darker but I think it is a little too much darker than the rest.

And the trees are pretty good but because they all look nearly identical it takes away from the realism a bit. Some need to be narrower, taller. Maybe some more variation nearer and farther from the camera.

Like the water the ridges on the sandbank look a little strong and abrupt. Maybe make a slightly warmer hue to stand out from the water.

Ok , Thanks

The other folks have already made some good points so I’ll just add a few more observations.

The ordering of the mountains is wrong. The one that has more contrast and saturation needs to be in front of the ones that are faded. Generally speaking, the further away something is, the more bluish haze it has in front of it, so those objects look more washed out.

I would also be aware of the concept of height in your image. Your mountains are covered in snow with not much bare rock, yet the plateau you are on has lots of grass and trees. Your mountains need to be much higher, perhaps showing a low treeline on them, or at least some area that is only rock, with no snow. Otherwise you should add some snow in the foreground to help blend the two areas together. Even a little snow in the trees would help.

I hope this helps. Keep up the good work.

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