Realistic Lion Model Needed


I need a CG Lion Model. As realistic as possible. The lion mane, fur, textures, rigging, everything.

I don’t need the Lion to roar, but would like walking animation and a simple sitting down pose.

This is needed for a video ad for a Real Estate Brokerage ( I’m interested in adding the Lion to different live action shots in a commercial advertising the company. I’m fairly skilled in Blender and can handle the lighting and compositing but cannot make this model, rig it, or animate it.

Please DM me a quote if you have a model or can make one.


Hello Nate,

I can assist you with modelling, rigging.
PM sent, please check

Maria J

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I’ve sent a private message, thanks for the opportunity!

I have PMed you. You may please contact me in [email protected].

what’s your offer? there are ready made models ranging from 60-800$ on turbosquid

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Hello. If you are still interesting, I can do it for you. I have a leopard model, rigged and animated. And I made short film with this leopards.

[email protected]

Hope you are doing well,

If you are still interested, I will be glad to assist you.
Kindly reach me over Email: [email protected] to discuss further.

Maria J

This base quality is really nice.
add some blender fur