Realistic marble?

This is my attempt at making a realistic marble. I made and rendered it in Blender Cycles.

I think it looks quite nice, but I still would like feedback.:yes:

Very cool, but lacks reflections.

I agree.
The marble itself looks interesting, albeit perhaps a bit too “perfect”: Marbles are mass products after all and most likely are not polished to perfection. There will be surface irregularities and dents and after a while of being carried around with dozens of other glass marbles in a bag there will also be scratches and bumps. And all those little details are what imho would make the image much more interesting as well as realistic.

Speaking of light, the lighting in your image is kind of flat and doesn’t do the model justice - is there a light source in the scene at all, other than a greyish background light? Especially with a refractive and reflective surface like glass it’s all about the interaction with light.

And indeed, reflective surfaces definitely need something to reflect or they tend to look dull.

Use an HDRI, a more realistic background and add some imperfections (dust, scratches/bumps, grease) to the marble surface.