Realistic Monster mouths

Hi! I’ve been working for a while on some hight-poly modular mouth pieces to sell in the Blender Market, something like my 30-eyeball set (that you can also find there!), like a plug & play kinda thing… BUT, you may say, there’s already some fine and ready to use mouth and teeth models out there! What’s the point in having another one of these?

Yes, most mouth models in the Blender Market anatomy section are low-poly, have UV layers and high-resolution maps, in short, those are PRODUCTION READY ASSETS.

Well, sometimes we might not want that. When working in character design, we need to sketch something without thinking about poly count, loop flow, and geometry issues. We just want to sculpt and find interesting shapes, and of course, we also need to see realistic materials in our model without going through the process of retopology and UV unwrapping (after all, we’re just sketching).

Besides, if we merge our models using booleans and keep sculpting, we are probably going to lose all that info, UV layers, textures, everything. So, a low-poly and ready-to-use asset may not be the best option when sketching in sculpt mode, but a high detailed model would be more appropriate.

Now, let’s talk about the fact that almost all mouth models are ‘realistic’ by the human standard, but what if you’re sculpting a fantasy character? A vampire, a troll, a werewolf or any creature outside the human parameters?

In the Blender Market link you’ll find 2 different downloads:

The Monster teeth sets gives you 5 different styles: NORMAL, VAMPIRE, BEAST, IGOR AND ONI/DJINN.

These sets are made up of gums and teeth as separate objects, so you can make your own modifications or even combine the models to make your own set.

Materials are completely procedural, and include node groups so you can change the teeth color, veins visibility and more parameters easily.

Meanwhile, the Vampire Teeth set, is like the preview download, it works pretty well, but it’s far from it’s big brother quality. (That’s why it costs only $2.95)

Get it here:


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