Realistic nature - The beauty of the forests

Hi guys! I did this in Blender to try to create realistic nature.
I’m not sure if I really succeeded but I think it’s at least pretty average.
It’s better than my older renders, so that’s good :stuck_out_tongue:
Well, but what do you think?

Please criticise. What should I add?
Hope you like it. Cheers :slight_smile:

Beautiful! could you do a wireframe or clay render? and are you using cycles?

Thanks BloodRed :slight_smile: Yes, I’m using Cycles. Here’s a clay render.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Looks great!

It look awesome to me!! but hehe I’m not expert and I never try to make a plant in blender.
Really beautiful!

This is really nice, Love the attention to detail on the foiliage!

I think maybe the main tree in the scene may benefit from a darker tone of brown for the diffuse texture? but that might just be me.
But i think you should definatley lower the amount of cracks and imperfections on the root section of the tree, as roots are usually smoother than the trunk :slight_smile:
Also, maybe some sections of moss growing over the roots and lower sections of the trunk could be a good addition to this scene, It would make the focus point more interesting, and also make the tree look like its been stood there for a good while :slight_smile:

Fantastic work though man, this is much better than anything i have ever tried to do with vegetation! :smiley:

Thanks for criticism. :slight_smile:
It just makes me better. :wink:

Nice work!
may be a little bit randomness mushrooms looks :slight_smile: