Realistic Ocean

Hey everyone! I wanted to show you my ocean render. It’s a bit stylized, but also realistic. :slight_smile:


Yeah cool!! Love the glare and the sun! How have you made it?

I created the glare by rendering a sphere that emitted light. In the compositor I blurred the image to achieve a glow effect. I then used 3 glare nodes set to streak (3 because I did not want all of the streaks to have the same thickness and length). Each glare node had a different number of streaks and was rotated at a different angle. I then used the lens flare filter in Photoshop for the ghost effect, (if you use gimp there is a gradient flare filter). Hope this explained it :slight_smile:

I re-rendered the image because the sun was too overexposed in the original.


Thanks very much! You don’t know how many times I have tried to make a decent sun in the compositor without success… :frowning:
Personally I prefer the first one, but it is only my opinion.

Hey moronik, use Sky Free :slight_smile: if you want to have a sun without using the compositor

Sky free is what I used for my scene (I actually hacked it a little). But wait, how to I get the lens flare without the compositor?

In the real world Lens Flares are in the front of the scene (they are produced by the Lens of the camera) so you must add a Glare node in the Compositing. But Sun is behind all the objects, you should’t add it by using compositor. Sky Free 2 will be an Addon :wink:

Here is probably the final update. I separated the ocean and the sky for post production and got a better result. :slight_smile: