realistic planet rings (Saturn) how to?

Hi! I need make planetary rings for planets,specially for Cycles . Any good ideas/tutorials??
I put here example texture from NASA so you can see what i need to make in Blender.

Best regards mr spacehead2001 :eek::eek::eek:


Just make a image like above with lines representing each ring and unwrap a ring object using the ‘Follow Active Quads’ option so you get a rectangle for each face that the texture can map onto cleanly. Ideally use a transparent background for the ring image so you don’t need to convert the black to transparency. Then mix your ring material with transparent shader using the alpha as the mix factor

See the attached example using the image above


rings.blend (141 KB)

This really works! thank you

it is also better to instead just the diffuse shader, to mix it with a translucent shader, to simulate all the light that still passes through the rings particles.

You might also want to review this:
This sort of response to lighting is probably not easy to accomplish in Cycles. If you don’t need that kind of detail, you can safely ignore it as few would notice. Don’t forget Saturns hexagon, that one will probably be more noticed if missing.