Realistic Pokeball

This is my attempt at making a realistic looking pokeball (kinda:rolleyes:). I’m a beginner and this is my first project that I’ve invested so much time on.
Critique is appreciated.
Let me know what areas I need to improve on

=> Bright sunlight and less grass

=> Dull light scene with high grass density

PS - There’s a bunch of fireflies that appeared during rendering. Any tips for removing them either during render or in post-editing would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Imo you went a bit overboard with the scratches … altough that’s just subjective.

But if you go with scratches then have some nicks and chips at the edges too.
It looks odd to have such a scratched surface but very intact corners.

And don’t let the scratches directly flow into the side of the material (the “thick” part of the shell).
Or use a different texture for it.

Right now because of the difference in size and orientation of the faces there the uv map “screws” up and you end with those tightly packed stripes instead of scratches.

As for the fireflies … it helps to do 2 renders on different seeds and then merge them during compositioning

scratches schould has fresnel too… i think. :wink: