Realistic Portrait (Blender/Zbrush)

Hi, I was not satisfied at all of this sculpt… I decided to restart it from 0. In fact, looking back to my old screens… they are very wrong. I cannot recognize Kaya on this sculpt.

So this is my last version, sculpted over a blender basemesh I made.


New pictures

I will probably start working on asymmetry soon.

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Hi, last pictures before I start to work on asymmetry :

And I did a first texture test in Blender cycles :


Hi, I started working on asymmetry and eyebrows. Nothing is finished, it will need more work.

To be honest I am not satisfied at all of this WIP, I do not like the result and I think it do not looks like the actress.
I will finish it, to make a final render but I will end it fast, next time I will try to do a better work on the likeness.

I think finishing it and moving is the best thing to do!
Infact, only having many finished works you can see your real progress. I see people staying for years on a single project that never comes to an end, and this way of working isn’t the best, as far as I know, to get better. Instead, if you have, let’s put, 100 different projects made one after another, rest assured that you will learn a lot and the level of your work will improve in a steady way. Obviously I refer to projects made with, let’s say, love, and with the aim to learn and improve.
During the drawing lessons I took (and I did the same when I had my drawing students) I learnt that making fast sketches of a live model, having 60-120 seconds for each, is an incredible way of training the eye and the hand. The first 50 - 100 drawings can be ugly, this isn’t important at all. But you start training yourself and the improvement will come, and it will come pretty fast. At least, it happened in my experiece. Again: personal opinion/experience, feel free to ignore it :slight_smile:

I find eyes too big.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
I agree. I progressed a lot on this one but now I am just wasting time on little adjustments.
I will make other portraits and try to get the likeness on the next one.
Thanks for all your comments that helped me a lot, I will try to apply them on my next project.

I started a car project because it is something I prefer to do and I will come back later on a sculpt wip.