realistic portrait

hey, another attempt at realist bust sculpt, I’m calling this one finished as i need to work on other stuff but anything you think i can improve please let me know and ill put it in my next sculpt thanks appreciate your time to help me out, all the best :slight_smile:

The bottom half of the face doesnt look wrinkly and according to the age. And the lips color is little odd. Other than that, its fantastic

head shape, eyes, mouth, glasses, and particularly the hair is excellent.

Missing are creases and some skin lines. although the character looks like a young healthy guy who prematurely greyed.

Overall, outstanding

good crits, thanks guys, originally the sculpt was supposed to be a middle aged male with peppered hair but i went full white at the end but i cant remember why i made that choice :stuck_out_tongue: tired from staring at a screen for days haha there was actually quite alot of lines, pores and high frequency detail in the original sculpt that would have made him look a little older but it was lost through poor spec map and the sss, i’ll make sure to spend more time on map baking, map strength and general creation of the spec map etc next time. thanks again! :slight_smile:

The SSS can wash out detail quick. I think yours is too high. Doris recommended that turn up SSS until the shadows appeared red, then back down a little.

It looks great! Speaking of sss, maybe you have set it too high? I made the same mistake and the details were lost. Could that be it? For a skin, you don’t need it that high due to bones and various factors going on under the skin unlike, let’s say, milk where it is fully sss. Do I even make sense? :slight_smile:

Love his hair, peppered hair is cool, but white is even rarer! When I see one, I always think that person is a wizard! :wink:

Edit, FXR beat me to it. :wink: