Realistic Rat - WIP

Started working on a realistic rat in blender.
The goal is to create a full realistic rat asset totally in blender.
I have been using zbrush to sculpt the model but this time I have decided to stick to blender fully for this project.
Here is the first WIP
Let me know your feedback.


Very nice. I like the fur especially.

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This is incredibly realistic. This one should be in the gallery!

Try and create some kind of environment, it would look even better.

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Thank you I am working on it…will keep posting updates…

Thank you… I still have a lot of things to fix… I would love to put it in some environment.

Wow, I really like the idea and the result so far!
I would say, the proportions, the posture (is it rigged yet?) and the fur are already covered, well done!
What striked me first as still odd were the eyes, though. They look like from a stuffed animal with glass eyes inserted. I had some pet rats for a while, so maybe that is why I immediately noticed something off there. I don’t think it is the eyes themselves, however, but the embedment into the head. Maybe that fine line of skin around them is missing, or the fur a bit lighter around the eyes? I tried some quick comparison with reference pictures, but cannot quite say what it is. Maybe it is just me, though.
The second thing I notice is the tail, which looks too smooth to me. It should be much rougher with scales, but I am sure that is on your todo list already.
Similarly the ears need some fine hairs.
I am sure to follow your progress! :slight_smile:


More updates on the fur…


I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

Composited this on a BG
Let me know how this looks.??

Okk more updates

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The body shape, detail of head, paws and tail are excellent. The skin of the ears is perfect. As is the fur. Spot on.

It looks absolutely incredible, my little nit pick is the lighting: it looks kinda boring, it was really good in your first pictures but in this one it’s a bit flat.

Hi, very interesting work, I’m actually working on a rat too. Is it possible for you to share your fur settings (texture and color and hair settings) please ? Thank you.