Realistic Rat

The idea of this project was to create a realistic rat in blender
The render times were too high for this one
But yeah here is the final image
The background is a live plate.
Rest all done in blender.



Viewport Snapshots


Great work ! Extremely realistic.

How long ?

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Amazing job! I especially love the fur.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


You’re #featured! :+1:


Awesome :+1:

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Thank you soo much for featuring me on the top row :slight_smile:

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For so long now, I’ve wanted to model a mouse - totally jealous!

Wonderful work!


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The fur look so good! Could you share the node setup for it? It seems you’re not even using the Principled Hair node!

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Amazing… wow

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nice work. that looks exactly like the rat that’s been chewing the woods in my roof at night.

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Exceptional quality work, looks great.

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I don’t like rats and I often flinch at the sight of it even in pictures. This one certainly creep me out because of how realistic the render of its fur was. Absolutely great work!

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Absolutely amazing work on the details! Love the lighting and the fur! Keep up the great work!!!

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It looks very nice. Are those light places on it’s fur your change in fur color, or is it it’s skin coming through? If the second one I’d increase hair amount.

Also, I see that you have used principled BSDF with a lot of separate node work for hair material. Wouldn’t you like to speed it up and use Principled Hair BSDF? :wink:

I kept the final render to Progressive Refine and kinda stopped it after around 5 hours…
My machine is kinda slow as well so I dont expect faster render times.

The Principled Hair Shader Node was shooting the render times too high and I was not able to get the desired results may be… Also I am not that much familiar with this new shader, hence I dediced to go ahead with the Principled BSDF shader. Nothing special just some translucency etc… Pretty some stuff…

Denoiser works quite amazing with low samples, and progressive is much slower than normal rendering, so I’d give it a shot!
Also, if you don’t mind I can try to render it on my machine, with principled hair shader. :wink:

Really? Since I was seeing more nodes on the image you posted, I thought it was something more complex. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey. Quick question. Did you use any “render passes” for the final composition in post production? Or did you do everything including the compositor in Blender only?