Realistic Rigged Human Hand

This is my first time making a hand. I want to share it with you. I would love to hear your comments and critics!

Sculpted in Blender, skin details sculpted in ZBrush using alpha maps, retopologized in TopoGun, texture painted in ZBrush using free stock images, texture maps generated in ZBrush, rigged in Blender.

Front and back

Wireframe(2.5K vertices)

Rock on!


Happy Holidays! Enjoy! :)[/B]


This is very good overall, a few suggestions to ponder; the nails are missing details, unless they are covered in nail polish, in which case a different shader setup to emphasize the polish would be a good addition. Also the pores on the back of the hand are too uniform in depth and size, adding a bit more variety would emphasize the contours of the skin.

Thanks, that’s very helpful! :slight_smile:

omg! this is great, I was just looking for something like this for awhile , really appreciate the time and work you put here, and thanks a lot again for sharing it

Thank you, ideorium! :slight_smile:

Buen trabajo, ¿Puedo usar este modelo para un videojuego?

Hello Soady. Good model. Can it be used for comercial use?