Realistic Rocks and Boulders

[Thread was ‘Rock renders’]

Just finished a few actual rocks and boulders. I’m fairly happy with the result, especially considering the low poliarity (new word) of them.

About 350 quads each.

Interesting texture (is this procedural or UV mapped?)
Rocks need some crisp edges though. Here comes the difficult part. Easy to sculpt (maybe lol) but this leads to heavy poly meshes. Most CG have smooth meshes and I don’t like it. Even Pixar (UP). Convincing rocks is a matter to discuss.

It’s UV’ed. And indeed, that’s very true about the edges. I must admit I put a low level subsurf on it for testing purposes, even though I usually cringe at using it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Finished rocks I do will be as low poly as possible for game usage, and will get more love.

Thanks for the crit; always helpful, and very welcome.

Similar problems here Llew. But textures here look convincing. Well done.

Do you think you could do a tutorial?

For the sharp edges you could use the pinch brush in 2.5. Thought I would add my two cents.

@Spark; Perhaps. I’d want to play around a bit more with it and get my technique down first though. =)

@rvn: Good call. I need to get 2.5 again and work with it some more; I got it in early alpha, but I had to much to do and the undefined interface was really slowing down my work-flow.

Added some finished boulders, see first post.

Interesting texture…but looks like skin of rhino or elephant…