Realistic Skin

As you can see in the image, the skin on his arms is much to reflective and plasticy. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to make realistic skin?


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Mayby this thread will help you …

That really all depends on what your final specifications are going to be. If it’s really low poly, there’s nothing you can do but just paint a good diffuse. In modern games, you’ll be using a specular map and maybe a special shader . If you’re going to make a still image, you can use all kinds of fancy tricks like Subsurface scattering with special maps and what-not.

Currently, the specularity is too hard, which makes it look like plastic. In Shading (F5) -> Material Buttons -> Shaders, set the Hard setting lower. You’ll probably want to play with the strength of the specularity too, which is right above the hardness.

For a more advanced version of this, look into specular maps. They control the specular strength, per pixel. So you can make the skin shiny, but keep the clothing matte.

It’s also worth noticing that your lighting is very unrealistic, which doesn’t help. Take a look at your own skin during daytime. Even if you’re inside, you never shade to black. Not even close.