Realistic star settings

hey guys, does anybody know of any good settings for the stars feature in blender that gets nice realistic results? i can only seem to get fuzzy dots, when i want realism. any help here would be aprreciated because space is not space without proper stars!

You can’t get realistic stars by using the stars “feature” :slight_smile:

Just use particles and some nice halo texture, that’s a lot better already.

One method I’ve used successfully in the past is to use three icospheres, each scaled a bunch upwards and all around your scene. Give each of them a different material with colors from white to grayish.

Still not fantastic, but far better than the stars “feature” in the world settings (I’m not sure because I didn’t take a look at that part of the code yet, but I’m probably not far off when I say I think it’s yet another 2d-effect).

Also, don’t forget to not leave the space between the stars all blank. Put some subtle nebulae in there, and finish it all off with some bloom / glare and other stuff in the compositor.

ok thanks!