Realistic texture on a cylinder

Hey everyone,

This is my first time posting and i recently got started in blender.

I am having some trouble making a realistic texture on a tunnel after watching numerous tutorials on texturing. I am using the textures from I attached a final render and my nodes on the scene. I also just selected the tube and UV unwrapped it automatically. Any suggestions and help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Hi dotydot, did you look at your uv map in the uv editor and how it covers your texture? Which method of automatic unwrapping did you use? If your texture is tileable you can repeat it by using a texture mapping node in the node editor although that would make repeating patterns which are not desirable because that will be seen in the render.

I selected the tube and just hit U and then unwrap. In the UV editor the object looks fine but I’m new to blender and not familiar with that editor other then seeing how my object unwrapped. Thanks for any suggestions

I’m not sure if my other reply worked but I am not too familiar with the UV editor other then to see how my object unwrapped. I unwrapped it by selecting the object and then just hitting unwrap. Thanks for any suggestions

You can select an image in the UV editor and see how the unwrap covers that. It should look like this, after you have selected the image.

Your Texture in the render is heavily stretched. So I guess the unwrap is scaled somehow.

But there is a basic problem with the texture itself. There are these stones at the bottom and they are onle at one side. I think you want to have these stones on both sides of the tunnel. If that’s the case you could model the tunnel in two halfs and texture each of them separately.

That helps thanks!