Realistic titanium, gold, steel, tin?


I am currently working on materials for my model and it needs a lot of experience and skill to get the right realistic look. I made some materials but I cant get realistic titanium coated material with linear scratches normal map, gold, steel and solder tin. I couldnt find these materials anywhere. If someone have them or know where these are could you share it please?. Thank you.

Metallic look has lot to do with shininess and reflections! Study your photo. Here, I just used low defuse, tight specular and Tangent shading. I added some Mirror with Fresenel. Everything else is environment around it for the surface to reflect: you need lots of specular lighting, and background color to reflect. That’s it. 95% there.

Can also rumble through here for a kickstart

Looks good but not sure if tangent shading is what it needs. I thought tangent shading is the best for brushed metal. And problem 2 is that mesh of those parts is exported of cad software so it consist of triads instead of quads and the topology is bad so tangent shading shows it. Ill take a look at it tomorrow. Hope Ill finish it :slight_smile:


I havent found any realistic looking metal here for me.

Look at metal.
Metal is reflecting it’s environment - if it wasn´t it´s all dull.
Next thing is the specularity. Metals absorb various colors, not all have white specularity.
In order for it to look real you need an environment, preferably a high quality environmental texture and the same in lower quality for IBL (image based lighting)