Realistic Vehicle Friction (Grip)

Hello. I’ve been working on a couple of driving/racing games and have searched and searched for a good resource but I just can’t seem to find any scripts to accuratly control the amount of friction the car’s wheels have at any given time.

I was hoping someone could give me somthing to work with that will simulate real car tires. I need the grip to be reduced at higher speeds but without losing control and I need the grip to be reduced while accelerating especially from 0.

I’ve got these variables:

“speed” (kph)
“direction” (kph, can be negative for backwards)
“friction_front” (grip of front tires)
“friction_back” (grip of back tires)

Now how do I use these to create a nice script to control a cars grip? Thanks fro any help,


I was like “Oh! I remember a vehicle demo a while back where a car could lose it’s wheels and I think there was something about friction!”, then I look for a while and finally find it!
Then I realize, It was made by you.:stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, I’m a little dizzy.:spin:

Yeah, that’s by me except I just made it so when you lose your wheels all of the suspension values are put to zero, so the suspension collapses. This affected the way the car moved but didn’t actually change the friciton levels.

I am looking for a good formula or something, which describes how te wheels lose grip while turning at low speeds and high speeds and accelerating and braking ect.

I guess I need to go talk to a pro race driver or something :stuck_out_tongue: