"Realistic Walls in Blender" tutorial

Hey all! Just thought I’d post a link to my first tutorial here:


It’s a material/texturing tutorial, intermediate level. It’s a little trick that I use to texture large flat surfaces, like walls and floors, without noticable texture tiling, some of my pictures in eg. the Blender Gallery use this.
If something is unclear, or you find some mistake, please tell me!

Webpage doesn’t load for me. . .


dead link indeed…

The whole website seems to be broken, including the link in your signature… :-?

That’s funny, it works here.
Must have been some server troubles at my host, please try it now!

Nope, your gallery isn’t accessible either.

Your personal webserver is SCREWED lad :stuck_out_tongue:
configure it better :smiley:

Your server’s lagging like a mamoth on speed running backwards. It works where you are because the server is probably in your country/area. They’re probably not connected to the backbone in your country. Solution: if it’s a paid host and they give you an uptime/accessibility guarantee, yell at them, if not, get a different host.

Hmmm… looks like I do need to get a different host.
Don’t know what the problem is though, because this only happened in the past 2 days or so, cause I noticed a drop in visitors to the site, I didn’t know why, well now I do, looks like its not accessible from abroad right now… and its a free service, so I can’t really expect any guarantees…

The problem is, I can’t check how fast the connection is from other countries, for the simple reason of not being in those other countries :slight_smile: So I can just hope my next host will work. I’ll post here when I have the website up at another place.

Not only did the page load for me, but it loaded pretty fast. :o

Nice tutorial, and the result is really good. Hopefully I get a chance to play with it soon. :slight_smile:


Great tutorial, I found no part hard to understand.


very good tutorial, thank you.

Great tutorial and gallery. Everything on your site loads fast – I’m in the USA.

The page is not loading for me…

The tutorial is nice and clear with a good picture to text ratio.
The site loads well (the Netherlands).

looked again, and it loads now! nice tutorial, I’ll probably be using that soon… thanks!

Nice tut, thanks!

I thought about this way using Stencil already, but never made a try… so it works… and you wrote it down really great.

Not loading for me 7.30GMT 28 Nov.


Somethings screwed up it worked on the third try.

hey nice tutorial dude, right texturing details covered.
nice works as well :smiley:

keep it up

Any chance you can host it somewhere else. The link still doesn’t work for me.(India)