Realistic Wood Shader Setup Help

Hello! I’m currently doing some work on a realistic kitchen for my school project. I’ve been looking around on the interwebz such as google, blenderartist and similar search engines but haven’t found any solutions to my problem. The thing is i’m having a problem with my wooden shader (the floor). I tried search for it but the only solution was how to set up a procedural shader.

This is rendered with v-ray, and i got the exact same texture as the one in the picture but cant find a comfy node setup to match the results in the picture. I’ve tried to apply the texture as a uv on a standard plane, built some basic walls with a standard light setup but all i get is some darker result with a non-realistic lightning. I’ve tried using the diffuse shader alone and the diffuse with some rgb mix to match up the color in the picture but no good results has came up.

Any idea how to match the picture with the node setup in cycles?