Reality TV

Télé…Réalité ? (Reality TV)
Blender, Cycles (1000 samples)
Gimp for textures and post-prod

I love the image here. It’s really cheeky. :slight_smile:

Thank you, #quollism ,that’s what I wanted .

Good commentary. Great execution. Good to see a piece with something to say.

“Good to see a piece with something to say”
Merci @LiquidApe, J’apprécie tout particulièrement cette remarque.

Is it wrong that the first thing I wonder is if people would have stage fright and performance issues if there that was an actual show. Although I am sure they will make a show on that concept sooner or later.

Stage fright! How appropriate, I like that. Outstanding work, dohuboy! I’d also like to add that the lighting looks terrific, is that a Redhead you’ve modeled? Real, working barn doors in CGI, I love it!

The attention to detail is beyond anything I’m capable of. Five star work!

@James Candy - Thank you very very much for the compliments and for the five stars.
Sorry but I do not speak english very well (google translation ;), which mean “redhead”?

I think he means the light next to the camera.

@quollism : thank you for the translate and the link.
@James Candy : Yes, I modeled the Redhead and all the elements of this image.

Really it’s look like original. You could have give much more finish and shining look to the image for more originality. All the best!

I didn’t know “redhead” was also a general term for lights, that’s interesting! Actually the reason I called it a Redhead was because it looks a lot like these types of lights:

I don’t know who makes them, I just hear them called redheads all the time.

This cracks me up, I work with a bunch of people that are obsessed with this kind of fatally stupid television. Good stuff :slight_smile:

No, but please, tell us your real opinion about reality TV? :wink:

Great concept and execution, we need more like this!

This is awesome and made me laugh a bit lol great work!

@dantefrizzoli - Merci
@Kemmler - My opinion :I think TV is willing to prostitute herself to be facing the internet network.
And just like prostitution is not love, reality TV is not reality.
But I made this picture a bit like a Rorschach test, everyone sees what he wants …
Sorry for my english (google translate) and thank you!

Very good work: nice illumination, composition, models and materials. Very good palette of colours, congratulations.

Thank you very much Madrid82