really need to know how to make grass

could someone please give me a link to the “furr libary” i really need to know ho w to make grass, cheers all

Google is your friend.

Here is a video tutorial at (just in case its useful to you)

author is at

the 17 step plan to health happyness and better grass.

part one: the particle system
0. add plane

  1. subdive once or twice, then fractal subdivide once or twice to taste
  2. got to animation buttons, with modified plane selected
  3. add new effect, select ‘particles’ type.
  4. click on ‘static’
  5. modify normal, random values to taste (start low, 0.005 and 0.010)
  6. set steps to 1
  7. click on face and vect.
  8. set vectSize to somthing decent say 0.040
  9. if you need a wind blowing modify force values

part two: getting the particles to look like grass
10. make new halo/halotex/shadow material, colour is unimportant.
11. set halosize to something grassy like 0.10
12. make a new colourband texture. point one: green, point two: darker green.
13. activate new texture for ‘col’ on the halotex material
14. add lamp and render

part three: perfection.
15. open a new IPO view
16. select the material IPOs
17. find the HaSize channel and add a curve running from 0 to 100, experiment with the curve shape to get the best grass blade shape.

This list of steps is a much simplified and paraphrased version of Carsten Wartmanns excellent tutorial in the old blender tutorial book #2. Ah, those were the days :wink:

Here’s an example (blender 2.27):

And yes, it’s supposed to be ‘dark’… it’s the outside of a cottage at night. Don;t mind the walls, they haven;t been properly textured yet.


your description is good, but the picture doesnt help anyone…
can you fix that?


i was good up to the color band, but even with out that, it works well

How bright is your monitor, Avi?!

Here is the picture for those who have sane brightness levels. :slight_smile:

avi, nice, but you might want to consider using strands now.

Just use static particles with vert set on. Then in the materials, dont put halo on, use the strand button instead to alter the shape.