really simple question about coloring!

Hey guys,thanks for all the help you have given to me previously!All my problems are more or less working out now! ^^

I do have a new issue,i’ve made a nordic star(

and i want to color it much like the one in that picture only without the outline.basically my question is how to I color individual faces on an object!

thanks a lot!

Multiple Materials.

excellent stuff that worked a treat! thanks a lot! I know I should probably r?ead an entire tutorial but its just so boring.i made it as far as making a hat for a simple man on the wiki One more question, have a look at this:

he’s what I’ve made so far,character wise that is. See stars next to his head? I want to mount them on his chest and arms,like badges or something,but to wrap around the sphere if you get do I match the angles on the mesh to make them bend on right?:o

The simplest way when you have only a few elements if by hand.
I have a 4 view screen set where I roughly position my objects at first.
To fine tune I select in EditMode some vertices that are on the plane that I want to align (in your case three of the vertices at the pointy ends of the star would do) and then I change three of my viewports to top/side/left of the object using the Shift+V shortcut. Finally I just have to position by translating and rotating relative to the views: the manipulator widget is fine for that.