Realtime distortion? (Not blender, just in realtime)

How do realtime distortions work? I mean how do they ACTUALLY work?

what are you talking about?

I mean that do they take pictures of the game and edit it with some odd “techno-stuff” or is it something that is just built in the graphics cards?

What are they? I’ve heard them mentioned. I thought it was just meshes changing shape.

no, like heat distortion. I’ve seen it in many games, even for the original PSX.

Render to texture.

You render the scene, then copy a portion of it to a texture, then distort that texture in some way, either with a shader or mesh.

You can also render directly into texture memory and process every pixel.

How hard would that be to achieve a similar effect in blender? I know it’s not possible NOW, but what about… “In the year two thousand [singing]”?

u mean like mgs(metal gear solid) on the psx that would be kool

yes, just like the distortion of the ninja-camouflage and also the water-dist! :slight_smile: