Realtime fire (nodes, filters)

Hallo there… I just thought I’d post this. It’s a realtime fire/smoke material, using nodes! I know, the smoke has no normals, but that’s just because I neglected to add it.

Anyway, the fire looks best when working with a custom 2D filter that offsets/blurs the view based on alpha… It works off a slight inaccuracy/glitch, but hey- it looks pretty good (THE SCREENSHOTS DON’T DO IT JUSTICE-- it looks much better in a video. Got one at the bottom of the post…)

As you can see, the fire allows for heatwaves, smoke blur (or light diffusion… Whatever you wanna call it), and shaded and dissolving smoke, all running 60fps, with the filter.

A demo video… :
Yes, I know, it has a framerate drop. It’s only because of the screen-recorder.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks!