Realtime GI in Eevee

which one is better in global illumination? Eevee or Enscape ?

In “GI” , Enscape work in very accurate and high-speed computing.
But eevee needs light probes, which would be very time consuming.

I think eevee should remove light probes, like Enscape.

What is your opinion?

Please watch these videos

Enscape3d works great in GI.
Eevee is excellent in all respects (texture, material, etc.), but in GI and real sky is still weak.

::: Maybe I’m wrong !!
Please give me some guidance

Real-Time Global Illumination

Eevee must create real-time GI. And do not use a light probe!

And this can be done // this is possible

Realtime Global Illumination in 4 years ago !!!

I’m also not a fan of the Light Probe and Reflection Probe hassle in Eevee. Would be great if that could be simplified.

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