realtime human model

this is one of my first real attempts at a human model for realtime (game) use. I’d love any input on the current mesh, ways I could improve it (without increasing the polycout much). I’m especially unhappy with the pelvis area, right now I’m sure it’ll deform very poorly.

any help would be greatly appreciated!

looks good. i don’t see any real deform issues with it. the neck should be a bit longer imo.

That, and also, you can make a better head with fewer face,

Look for edge-loops here on the forum and you’ll find veru nice very low poly topology examples for faces.

You have a lot of very sharp edges (look at the arms or the feet to see what I’m talking about). If this really is for a game, let me let you in on a secret that game companies abuse. Good textures can make up for low-poly modelling. Random question: what inspired you to pursue game modelling? Was it an massively multiplayer online game? Those are the ones I’m talking about.

Check out these pictures:,, Those are from a game called “Rohan Online.” Most of the stuff isn’t modelled. I mean, yes, there are player models and the equipment is a model, but everything is incredibly low-poly. Why? Because they can get away with it by using good textures and, most importantly, a good bump map.

Hope that helps some.


P.S. Please fix the buttocks… it looks like a stomach.

Just curious, as those reference images are pretty nice. But do you have, or know of any example meshes that were used on something like that? I’m just wondering how low a “low-poly” model goes and still gets such nice results.

thanks for the comments. I agree the head has too many polys right now.

however I think I can afford a few more polys because the game will only have a single character on-screen at once. I think i’ll add some more rings to the arms and legs especially, and try to give myself a little more in the pelvic/hip area too.

I really should learn proper loop modelling though, the face is pretty crappy right now.

what inspired you to pursue game modelling?

I make freeware games as a hobby (hopefully it’ll be a job someday). I love maknig 3D games, and my current project is the first to require a properly animated human character, so I’m learning as I go. in a perfect world the player would be normal-mapped from a high-poly version, but that may be outside my ability at this point :slight_smile:

thanks again for the comments.