Realtime RayTracing??

Is there a way to get ray mirror or ray transparency in game mode?

Im pretty sure this isnt possible but even if it was it would slow down the games so much it wouldnt be practical to use.

You can fake these effects like most others in the game engine. Use a specially prepared texture for this purpose. For example, use an alpha mapped UV texture with your object for transparency and for mirror apply a texture of what it should be reflecting and possibly set Reflection on for the UV.

I saw that in a file i downloaded from wherever, but I wasn’t sure. where can I find a tutorial on the textruing to make it look reflective?

In the UV window Click Image->Realtime Texture Map->Reflection. Thats all there really is to making a reflecting texture.

Realtime Raytracing is now a reality!! :o But not in Blender though. :frowning: There’s a project out there called OpenRT, but despite its name, its not freeware or opensource. :-? :x

Keith. 8)