realtime visuals in blender - an example

hi everybody,
I’d like to share the results of our 2 months long dive into the gameengine/python in order to be able to do realtime visuals.

(size: 30MB, format: mpeg4)

The project is named Face2Face2Face, all the pictures were taken live on the dancefloor and processed with a batch to make them suitable (cropping, scaling, alpha channel) for the gameengine.

this realtime shit is sooo cool :slight_smile:

thanx so much to all the people on this forum, it is incredibly useful!

please add some screens thats too big itll take me 10 minutes at 100k! :o

here you’ll find the screenshots…
but the video makes much more sense… :slight_smile:

Wow!!! That realtime shit IS cool!!!
Can you tell me what setup you’ve used? I’ve been searching the forums on how to do VJ stuff with blender, but it’s all a little to complicated for me… By any change you can host a .blend file? Or do you know a website which explains clearly on how to do stuff like that? Well, anyways I LOVED that video!! You keep up the good work!!

another example. similar AND completely different.

Veeeeeerrrry nice!!! How you do that?! :stuck_out_tongue:

very very impressive :smiley: