Rearview for a truck

Hi, I need to make a rearview for a truck in the BGE. The truck has a camera in the back and a monitor in the cab that show what the camera is seeing in the run time. I’ll try explain better, the gamer is in the cab and he is seeing the steering wheel, the panel, the landscape ahead and he is seeing the monitor too, the monitor is showing the image that the camera in the back of the truck is seeing. I’m making tests with “add overlay scene” and others functions that split the view, but, the best for me is the monitor showing the image that the camera, in the back of the truck, see. If you know anything or has a tip that can help me, please, write here. Thanks.

Have a look at thetutorialsforblender3d tutorial on security cameras. There’s no difference between a security camera and a rear view camera.
Make sure you use the 2.6 script.

Or if you want to be really realistic you can animate the camera turning and looking back when pressed, say “S” and when released turning back again.

Thanks to all, really good tips!!!