reasonable 3D printing services ?

I am looking into creating a small batch of color 3D models.
Can someone advice a reasonably priced 3D printing service, who can print 3D models in color in good quality? (and accept something that is made in Blender)


Thanks organic.
I am wondering what shipping cost from EU to US?
Sounds like extremely reasonable service. I am also wondering if we have something like that in US?

From their website: “Shipping is included in all of our prices …”

I’m in California, I use Shapeways for printing, and can confirm that there are no additional charges for shipping :slight_smile:

Some folks had an occasional issue with UPS and customs fees back when Shapeways was starting up, but I never have.

oh, nice to know. Thanks Ysengrin


we use it for our university to let students print and we are in the USA.

They are for the price very good.

thanks cekuhnen

no problem

I am not affiliated with them but they quickly matured into one of the best
services you can go to.

You can feel very safe with them and their approach to 3D printing is
very user friendly.

They have rather standard printing settings, thus you cannot say with that
process I would like that color and that resolution.

However instead you can only choose a material with is specific properties
like color density etc.

This might look first as a limitation but at the end it is more than sufficient.

If you need something fine you just pick the right material for that.


I’ve never had anything 3d printed, but I am planning to in the future. I researched a little, and I found a topic in cg society that recommended these websites:

They seem reliable, but I can’t say for sure if they are.

Yeah, Shapeways seems like the best one to me. They offer a nice variety of materials.

Speaking of 3D printing, has anybody seen Mcor’s printer which uses standard A4 paper and glue as material?

OK, I’ve never used a 3d printing service and this is a bit of-topic, but I just read about this…


Hmm… It looks interesting. However how durable is that? Also I didn’t see anything about creating 3D models in full color. I think only Shapeways does that.

The Makerbot and RepRap machines use extruded ABS platic which is very durable (i think LEGO parts are made from ABS plastic). However there is no support material used and the model quality isn’t so great.

For full colour sandstone printing, Shapeways uses Zcorp printers which print on powder. The models are fragile and have to be dipped in a strenghtener (usually cyanoacrilate adhesive).

The Mcor printer doesn’t print in colour, although since it uses paper, colour can be pritned using regular inkjet methods. The models there are obviously not waterproof.

There are many 3D printing methods out there, and there’s usually compromise in one aspect or the other, depending on what your model will be used for.

We have those 4k printers as well - nice toys but nothing more.
In their current state they are more of experimental use.

Pesho do you know a service which has a paper 3d printer?

I dont think there are any yet, the whole paper thing is still very cutting edge. You can read more about it here:

Haha Pesho - cutting edge :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeedthe source

…alsoFOC offers the service, but then out-source it.

Probably better to just ask MCOR

You can also try i.materialise.

You can view some of the projects that we have recently 3D printed on our facebook group.