Reasons for using Yafray ...

It’s clear after looking at it produces nice renderings…

My question however is; aside from the fact that Yafray probably produces more realistic raytracing than the blender internal… why would I use yafray ? What are the other pros for using it ??


Other than anwsers like: “The output is of a much higher quality than the internal output”, what do you expect to hear?
Because it’s a render it can only give you images, it’s not like it will do your groceries or something :stuck_out_tongue:

YafRay as a builtin DOF filter and supports natively multithreading and cluster rendering with openMosix (IIRC).


Well … I don’t know what I expect to hear that’s why I ask the question… I dunno… what does it do better than the internal renderer… I know that it produces higher quality images…but in what way ? (except raytracing…)

Depht of Field? Photons? Global Illumination?