reasons to hate microsoft


I am trying to persuade my parents that Microsoft is terrible, and that we should resort to OS X. i have a problem though…they think that OS X is the bad one. Especially my mother. she said that mac has always been behind on everything.

Plz give me reasons to tell them why to make the change. make them good. i don’t want any suggestions like “because I said so” etc.

im 15 and cant even persuade my parents against ignorance

I would go for linux- that way you don’t need to change hardware.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand let the flames begin!

Tell them that Microsoft is evil because they stole the idea of Windows and the idea of the mouse…oh wait…so did Mac…

Tell them that Macs are more upgradable…oh wait…they arent…

Um…tell them there is more software for the mac…oh wait…there isnt…

I guess your going to have to go with “OMG MAC IS SO00 STABLE!>!>!>!”:!PL21jkkjh12" or “Because I said so.”

:wink: i just love these *nix/Mac/windoze skirmishes!

Probably be easier to convince them let you you toss in a second HD and dual boot with linux… :smiley:

Just tell them they’ll be moving themselves a litlle further away from the bullseye targeted by all the hackers, viruses, spywares and other whatchamacallits. Windows attracts that stuff like a light bulb attracts moths. Only valid reason I can think of.

BTW, for me, Blender runs better on my older XP than on my G5, OS 10.3.7, just an observation… Photoshop, or anything else Adobe, is the other way around though…

Did you ever think how many people have a job because of Microsoft? Linux has a long way to go for that. Saying Microsoft is evil is stupid. Not liking them is one thing, but I prefer a monthly income over geek ideology.

Well it is a fact that Mac has better graphics than Windows. I am told by my friend, who is into computers and such, that Windows sends all the information about the things you view, visit, or download to their databases (ie “they are spying on you!”). Don’t hold me to that, seeing as I am too lazy to research it and have no idea if it is even close to being true.


The main problem you might have is GUI. People who are accustomed to Windows will hate the Mac because it doesn’t work the way they expect.

For example, to resize a window in Windows, drag any edge. Doing so on the Mac will drive Windows users nuts, since the window will just move around.

As far as software companies go, all are equally evil. If it were Sun on top instead of Microsoft, people would virulently hate SunSparcs instead and PCs would be the underdog.

If your parents are just casual users, Microsoft won’t destroy them. Maybe you should ask them to get you a Mac. Then you can show them all the cool stuff it can do.

I like Microsoft and their software, like WindowsXP which I have is real stable and doesn’t crash and they make sure you get protection with updates. Macs, i’ve messed with them before and the mouse is not as responsive, not as powerful and has much less software compatible.

Normally, I’d join in on some good ol’ fashioned Microsoft bashings, but lately Windows has been good to me. Unless you count the explorer.exe errors I get periodically.

don’t hate it :smiley: anyways macs are expensive

They make you buy a $20 dvd remote for the Xbox, but if you have the reciever for the DVD player in you can use a normal controller to play the DVD.

Greedy Basterds! :<

sawdust, my advice is to apologize to your mother for acting like an idiot and then jump off a very tall structure.

Compiling reasons about why one is bad does not always reflect on the quality of its competitor.

You are showing very MS-esque qualities here.

BTW, Windows wouldn’t keep crashing if you would stop downloading all that virus infected porn online.

I don’t like Microsoft because:

-It buys up too many good companies (rareware, bungie, etc.) and makes those companies strictly Xbox game developers.

-Windows is unstable and expensive.

Reasons I don’t like Macs:

-Macintosh products are way too expensive ($60 for a mouse, $60 for a keyboard, $60 for speakers… none of those come with the $2000 basic computer you just bought. That makes an extra $180 just for the neccesities.)

-Need a specialized computer to even run OS X. (with linux and windows/dos, you can run on any PC.)

-Macs are totally non-upgradable/repairable/modification capable.

Reasons Linux is better than both:

-It’s free.


-Comes with a lot of useful software.

-More network capable than windows or mac OS x.

-Much, much more stable than Windows.

Microsoft isn’t evil, it’s just got lots of money, and like any good human, wants to keep it. So there you have it, the reasons I don’t like microsoft OR apple.

The world is chock-full of useless rhetoric. If you want to make a defensible decision, you must establish the parameters for making that decision.

Start by asking yourself… what exactly is wrong with what we are doing now? What is it about your present (Windows) system that is so terribly bad that it’s causing you to abandon it?

Then, ask yourself what “the ideal system” will actually look like … so that you can recognize it when you see it, no matter what brand it is. What do you intend to do with the system? How demanding is the application and in what way?

You normally purchase a particular type of system because … because it runs the software you need to run. You don’t buy the system because you like the logo. Nor because you do, or don’t, “hate Bill.”

Everyone’s completely missed the main point here, people use Macs and PCs for different reasons.

You can’t compare Macs and PCs straight up because they’re for different purposes, Macs are made for designers; PCs are made for everyone else.

For Macs:

  • “We should get a Mac because when I become a Graphic Designer, 90% of the companies out there will require that I know how to use one fluently.”
  • “Macs are easier to design with than PCs”
  • “I’ll never need to use all the things on a PC, I don’t want to play all the latest games and I don’t want to become a computer technician.”
  • etc…

I for one don’t have a Mac and have barely used one, but I’m not a graphic designer.

So Sawdust, I hope you want to be a Graphic Designer…

I happen to have several computers of each type. And as you say, each type is most appropriate for different purposes. Each one was, at one time or another, bought for that purpose (and kept, and kept in service).

The latest acquisition is an iMac G5, which looks like a slightly-thick flatscreen monitor and runs like a sonofabitch 8) for a grand total of about $1,400 as-built. This machine is used for pre-press (and video) work in which the fidelity of the color reproduction is particularly important. But the main reason why Mac was a clear winner is that the people “downstream” who’ll be working with the outputs not only use Macs, but use the very same programs. This assures that unforseen problems caused by file/version incompatibility … completely avoidable problems, mind you … are avoided.

Oh by the way… runs the sox off everything else … :smiley:

Macintosh is a very serious contender on all fronts because underneath the pretty exterior beats a robust, solid heart of pure Unix running on a PowerPC. And with the widespread adoption of Linux, “Unix compatible” is quickly becoming the norm. I’ve never understood why a choice of computer architectures should be, or ever should have been, an “either-or” choice.

Especially with hardware prices as ridiculously low as they are now! :smiley:

100% aggreement.

Well if you go to it will give you a link on why you should use mozilla and dump IE. You will find alot of answer there. Tell them windows is like a Ho that has sex without condoms and Mac always use protection when it comes to sex :smiley:

YOU can design better on a Mac than a PC? I’m a Senior Graphic Designer and never noticed that hapenning. I think paper and pencils are easier to design with than either Macs or Windows. I can transfer my ideas pretty much the same on either of those platforms.

Most people (Windows or Mac users included) don’t want to be computer technicians, they expect their computer to work like their car: fire it up and go. When it’s broken you get it fixed and when it’s older than three to five years you buy a new one and pass the old one to your kids… If you want to be a computer technician you go to school and study computer science, you’ll even learn about OS’s you’ve never heard of and might never use.

And what about the music industry? Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase? Plenty of Mac users. An artist that has a certain amount of success in his carreer will use whatever platform gets the job done while remaining profitable.