Reassign materials?

How do I reassign a material under Link and Materials in edit mode? My whole model is currently assigned to one group, while parts of it are assigned to another, and I don’t want the first group (the whole model) to affect the second group (specific parts). Is there a way to “deassign” (or reassign to null) parts of a group?

“Reassigning to null” or deassigning is setting the material to the first material.
For example: you have a standard cube that you made completely red. You assigned one of the faces to a new group though with its own material which is blue. Then there are 2 materials: red and blue.
Now if you wish to deassign the blue material (so turn it back to red) you can do the following.

  1. Select the blue face.
  2. Change “2 mat 2” (meaning the second material in a list of two) to “2 mat 1” (meaning the first material in a list of two)
  3. Click assign.

I hope that answers your question, because it wasn’t completely clear to me what you meant. If not just say so.

So basically, a single selection can only be assigned to one material at a time? That would explain why there’s no button for reversing the action, although the behaviour of Blender made me think that it could be assigned to more than one material (hence my question). I’ll attempt to create a new material and use that as “null”.

Yep, it worked. Thanks. :slight_smile:

That is correct, as far as I know.