(shibbydude) #1

I have recently registered my domain and I thought I would offer subdomain hosting to whomever wanted it. I know a bunch of you are on Tripod and Geocities with an sort of url. If you would send me an email with your current url I could set you up with an website. A good combination of server and me hosting your domain would be signing up with some web space from Adam Casto (acasto) at This is what I did and he has been wonderful! I thought would be a good forwarding name since it is reblended or processed with my name in it. This would be a service mainly for Blender related sites so it could be a good way to build a community. Like I say, Adam has been a great host but is is nice to have a second level domain. Anyone interested should email me at [email protected] and I will set you up. Let me emphasize that I will not host your site but only redirect traffic to your site. I also may not have the time to update the subdomains frequently so if you do this you need to find a host and stick with it. Hope some people sign up!

(shibbydude) #2

Ok, if you would like me to set you up with a subdomain please post a reply.

(stukkm) #3

well, i’d like a reblended site, but i currently don’t have any other site to give you a url like you asked for. is this ok? also, i was just curious if there will be ads on the site. i’m fine if there are since it’s a free site it’s just that the ads on site like tripod or geocities are pretty annoying.

(shibbydude) #4

No, There would be no ads on the site unless the host that you are with (geocities, tripod) puts them there. I am just offering this for people that want a shorter domain name.

(acasto) #5

I don’t put any adds at all on my spaces.

(shibbydude) #6

Exactly. Acasto’s web hosting on has absolutely no ads and it is user friendly :slight_smile: (thanks, Adam).

(stukkm) #7

oh, i think i understand what you meant now. you are saying we already have a website on the net and you are just giving us a shorter domain name which would forward to the website? or are we getting free webspace from you?

(shibbydude) #8

Yes you would be getting a shorter url from me and no you would not be getting free web space from me - talk to acasto about space.