Rebuilding the GN tree from yt video -> edge detection

in this yt video:

Simon Thommes describes/shows his edge detection with geometry nodes at around 13:04.

I tried to reproduce it…but failed :frowning:

can anybody help me, what i did wrong?

gn_edge detection.blend (1.0 MB)

Try a store named attribute…

Hope that helps.


I copied that the first moment I saw it, because realtime edge detection in Eevee is too nice to ignore. You can find my project file here:


Unfortunately that didn’t help. I made the stupid mistake to put the edge_mask in the fac of the mix color node. But i had to put it in the color value :man_facepalming:t4:


yes, that helped a lot so i could compare your blend file with mine and find my stupid mistake in the shader editor. So thank you very much for providing it!!! Scrubbing a yt video back and forth to find out what the tutorial did is sometimes a bit hard :smiley:

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