Recent Works

I’ve taken a break from tutorial creating to do a bit of knowledge refreshment of late. Namely the Architecture Academy and Space VFX. Figured I’d post up my results for the hell of it.

With the lounge scene I updated the material workflow to make use of the principled shader and created my own materials for the majority of it using Substance Designer. I also added a mild volumetric effect.

For this exterior shot I again updated the material workflow to the principled shader, created my own materials for the most part too. Also I used modelled grass over particle hair.

This one is a combination of a few of the modules in SpaceVFX. Can’t stress enough how fun that damn series is. Loved every minute.

I hope to have that SpaceVFX series for Christmas. Pretty sure I’ve been a good boy!
You’re stuff is amazing, btw! I have yet to try my hand at any interior work, myself. Thanks to the plethora of tuts on YouTube, I think I’ll have to give it a try!

May I ask why you added this volumetric effect?
I bet it caused contrast loss and light beam is so homogeneous with a big window and white background that looks like just as a general blur of the image itself.