Recent works


(Ace Dragon) #21

The second robot image definitely feels like something expected from Poked Studio. good work on that :slight_smile:

The other two in that second set of three are close to flawless as usual, interesting how you managed to make creepiness look so playful (second image).

(AgentColeson) #22

Great work … but there is noise in all of ur renders

(Grzegorz Jarmulski) #23


(phillipPbor) #24

cute ~

I wish there was a way to make face rig

(iarga) #25

This artwork makes me happy. Thank you for showing your creations.

(matbrady) #26

Ooooohhh… I love the happy robot! He’s fantastic!! :smiley:

(taz15964) #27

Wow, so weird and wacky with lucious colours, fantastic work, I cant help feel like I want to lick everything in the first scene :slight_smile:

(patricia3d) #28

Really Great work. Thanks for sharing.

(TomZed) #29

Awesome! I love your colors and style. Well done.

(Harm26) #30

These are great!

(sylv) #31

wonderful work. I especially like the locomotive “smoke,” surrealistic. And the robot thing is engaging in its way.

(Otis Deixon) #32

Good work. I love you use the color.

(djwaterman) #33

So much fun expressed in these images.

(mosconariz) #34

Crazy stuf!

(idrisb_1986) #35

mikemmel colors

(antony999k) #36

Amazing, how do you do the materials for the characters?

(pokestuff) #37

Materials are mostly procedural with a few first scratchy image textures thrown in.

(Rob) #38

Really inspiring stuff. I’m a fan of your work.

PS.Idk how this has 6k views and only 7 likes. This should have all the likes.