Recommendations for 3D games for course

(kevin3d) #1

I’m teaching a class on concept development & pre-production. Its historically dealt with linear work, but I want to begin to introduce non linear issues.

Along those lines, can anyone recommend good PC-CD based games to review & critique in class? I’m looking for something that involves a plot or narrative, preferably not too violent.

(Kid Tripod) #2

i don’t think any games of the sort you need are on PC (least of all less violent ones), i would say Mario 64/Sunshine, but obviously not pc . . . so i’d suggest tomb raider or Final Fantasy VII, but the problem is these are much more linear than most people seem to realise (they are on PC and PSX btw)

personally i know of people that cant stand the FFVII plot. they are not my friends as i cant respect that opinion. it is genius, but playing to get to the interesting bits can take 20+ hours of faultless play as its so big.

my only other suggestion is Metal Gear Solid, again PSX and PC (i think . . . ) but again i have yet to see a truly non linear plot driven game on any format.

hope something might help

(kevin3d) #3


Thanks!! Those might actually work very well since the class has always dealt with linear content …maybe FF might be way to kind of “ease-in”…

(valarking) #4

try morrowind