Reconstruct a deleted part


is there a way to reconstruct a deleted part of a sphere?



Select the edges that make up the “hole” - hold alt and click an edge. Then alt + F and
choose “Grid Fill”.

Grid fill is also available from the top “Face” menu.


Cut the sphere in half and delete the side with the hole, and then use the mirror modifier to recreate the deleted side without the hole.

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this may also help:

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If you want to restore its spherical shape after the Grid Fill, I’d applying the Cast Modifier set on 1. But my fave for this is Anthony Forwood’s suggestion, the Mirror Modifier.

Is this what you’re trying to do, or did you use a sphere as a simple example of a more complicated mesh you’re trying to reconstruct?

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this feature is used to rebuild any type of surface? in any shape and complexity?

I don’t know the specifics, you will just have to try it out…

Mesh symmetrise in object edit mode?

You should be more specific in what you mean by what I quote and the “Reconstruct a deleted part” from your title.
There is no algorithm that can guess what was in the deleted part of a complex mesh and less if it is a mesh in 3D space and not a plane. If you accidentally deleted a part, you use undo.
Depending on the complexity of the mesh, you should see which is the best option, for example if you can take advantage of some symmetry in any axis. If not, you will have to do it manually with some of the options that other users have already shown you.

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