Record %100 Animations in BGE

hi guys, I don’t know maybe there is already similar like that, (maybe here is wrong section, python section?? in this case sorry for that) you know ‘BGE Record Animation’ function is limited (its not for; child objects, no assigned physic objects, cameras and wheels with using bullet vehicle wrapper) so I wrote two small scripts (physic to txt - txt to anim) for recording all animations in BGE, using BGE and Bullet Physic for creating good animations after then render with BI or Cycles + Compositing with node editor, watch the few 720p videos at below and let me know what do you think about this idea ??


animation 1 (walking camera-simple test scene with low-poly objects + good texturing + compositing):

animation 2 (bullet vehicle physic-recorded body+wheels movements for prepare cycles animation):

special thanks to ‘Mike Pan’ for great resources

Best Regards

Wow, that is incredible! I have specifically been trying to find a way to record the movements of a car in the game engine, for use in Blender Internal/Cycles for months! I will review your instructional video as soon as I get back home today, this would be a gift from the Gods for me!
I have long wished for some kind of Craft Animation type of capability for Blender for years! I am very interested in your work!

yes this is very interesting…especially for creating fast blocked out animatics…could you share the scripts?