Record Camera Fly Though Mode

Is it possible to record the camera fly through(shift-f) mode so that it can be played back and you can edit it in the IPO and such?

You know, that would be cool, but I think the best you could do at the moment is to use fly mode to move along a path and stop, insert keyframe, start fly agiain.

That’s what I do, and it works pretty well.

Fret not! There is a record button in the IPO window. You click record and press a certain key to start “recording” and stop by pressing the RMB I think… It should work with fly-through mode as well as grabbing. I’ll go try it and give you better instructions.

Dude. That will make me so much more likely to do flybys, even if I’m just doing a realtime preview of some game meshes or something. I don’t like keyframing when I don’t HAVE to. :slight_smile:

I thought that was only recording the mouse or something. Did it work? Any results?