record keypress and mouse click?

Is there a free app that acts like, but
1.recognize shift+a as A
2.recognize combined-key press
3.recognize and show both keypress and mouse click
4.with customable keypress info, eg, the app shows
Press A
according to the option

in fact, a screen capture with key/mouse press record is the best, but I heard nothing about this kind of software

because it is generally sold as software to monitor your spouse

… I don’t have any software like that to reccomend, sorry
(why do you need to know your keypresses?)

MWSnap is a free screen capture utility in which you can assign hotkeys to whatever you like. it also has auto save in multiple formats, various capture options, color picker, ruler, etc. good software.

To z3r0 d:
For example, I’m recording a blender tut with wink. I have to add textboxes on frames saying “press a”,“press ctrl, alt and rmb at the same time” or “select all”, “select edge” and so on. it’s tedious and neglect of some keypress/operation is often made.
If wink can record the key/mouse press, it is only need to choose from the recorded key list (void keypress is dropped) and the textboxes are placed automatically.
If wink support a key-record-template, a press on “a” may be translated into “aKEY” (in Blender style) or “(de)select all” (in man-friendly style); shift+LMB to “shift+LMB” or “press shift and LMB at the same time” or “select more”. So there is no or less need to edit the text in textboxes.

To Modron:
Thx, I will try it later. Currently i use wink and camstudio the most, both of them can save the tut as flash.