Record object transformation?

I’m trying to animate a ramp coming out of an object, and it has to fold out. The ramp is basically a plane, with some curves attached. I want to animate this process of folding out. However, as I expected, when I “locrot” the initial shape of the object, move a few frames, change its verts, then “locrot” again, the whole animation changes to the newest shape of the object. How do I change an object’s shape in edit mode, and record these changes in an animation?
Thanks much!!

Location Rotation “LocRot” applies to the object as a whole, and not to its vertices. When they say Location and Rotation, they are talking about its object center point. When you move or rotate object center, everything on it goes with it.

So if you want two-segment ramp, create two objects. The main ramp needs to be set as a parent of second ramp that unfolds. This way when the main ramp moves, the second ramp goes with it. And the object center of second ramp needs to be placed at the hinge axis where it rotates.