Record soft body simulation to IPO?

I’ve had limited success with properly recording simulations to IPO. For example, I want to record a soft body sim to IPO so I can render it with Yafaray, but when I do this the only parameters that are recorded are position and rotation. This works OK for rigid bodies, but not soft bodies. Is using the game engine not the correct way to do this?

Also, I’ve noticed that objects don’t collide perfectly. This is true for both the game engine and by simply specifying an object as a soft body outside the game engine. I figured out that lowering the “margin” parameter of helps to correct this and makes the collisions more exact, but if I make the margin too low (like 0.2, for example) objects will travel through each other.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

I dont think you can with the GE, but you can with soft body simulation in the physics buttons