Recovering Render After Accident? HELP!

My render of a animation finished about an hour ago, and I went to hit play, but hit Animation instead. It rendered out a frame before I frantically cancelled it. Problem is, now the file will not work, it just shows up as the One Frame, inside Blender and in Windows Media. How to recover the animation would save me another 7 hours of rendering.

If it overwrote the original file because you set the output to be a video format you’re screwed

ALWAYS, ALWAYS render using an image format like .png. This will give you a sequence of images so you can stop/start the render at any frame you want without losing anything. .png is also a lossless format and supports transparency which can come in useful. You can convert an image sequence to a final movie format in a fraction of the time it took you to render.

Did I stress to enough to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS render to an image format ?

Once again ALWAYS

Isn’t there an option to not overwrite existing files?

Well, thanks, I guess I have no other choice to render again :confused: