Recreating Cinema4D effect

I would like to recreate this

My take>
Cube has PS with rendered paths.

I don’t know how to set particle system so that rendered>Object>Cube.001 leaves the trails of splines along with cube.001 similar to Cinema.

You can create multiple Hair particles from a single source mesh. As long as you keep the particle count the same they will match ok. However the real problem is making a cool surface like the original mage. Blender cannot create particles that are unique, in other words they cannot have independent attributes other than birth, death, velocity etc. So you can’t distort then separately.

The fluid could be done with CubeSurfer
Hair with physics coupled by a turbulence force field.

Now I used hair with rendered object and got this > p2.blend (946 KB).
This is something I would want but with spline trails\hair behind every object cube.001 as was in Cinema4d.
Is it possible to set it?

Thanks @kwikker. I’ll check it out.